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Getting the Listing Signed

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Uncover common mistakes we all have made when going to get the Listing Signed.

“Listings are to Real Estate as Air is to an Airplane ” - Nick McLean

Listings are truly the blood of Real Estate, without them we have no buyers which means we have no money.

Not leaving without the listing being signed

Getting a listing signed can be tricky business. You've prepared, have your comps and presentation but then reality sinks in... Will they like me? What if I say something to offend them? and so many more questions then just that.

The trick is to stay confident, you're an expert, you're advising them. Use key words on the phone and in person like we and us, not me and I. Get their minds starting to focus on you guys working together as a team. One thing we learned that Nick does that works 9 out of 10 of times is by simply asking them if they have an extra key. If they start to turn their head and look or pat their pockets then it's a pretty great chance they will be listing their home with you.

There are so many different scenarios on how a listing appointment can go. You just need to go in there with your best foot forward and mind geared to being a team with them and you want them to play on your team!

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