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Getting More $400,000 Buyers

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

A creative route to gaining more of the buyers you want to work with.

Nick McLean did a video a while back on how to get more $400,000 home buyers and clients. He talked about when he first got started on his Real Estate company and how he was in need of clients and how he got them.

“Use what you've got, even if it's nothing” - Nick McLean

He was able to get buyers simply by picking up the phone and asking the unthinkable question.

Getting the $400,000 home buyers

Nick first starting out having no buyers, no listings just an office and a logo came up with an idea that would build his team and company get hundreds of listings and more importantly hundreds of sales.

That unthinkable thing Nick did was call the listing agent of a property and ask if he could market it as well to find a buyer. The listing agents he called said of course! They want it sold just as much as you want to bring a buyer. In the process of this Nick was able to grow a database of potential buyers to hundreds, to thousands and now to tens of thousands.

It wasn't easy, it's uncomfortable having to make that call but boy was he glad he did now looking back. So whatever you're trying to accomplish just pick up the phone and ask, step out of your boundaries and grow!

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